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LEFT FIG has design headquarters in New York and Milan. Leftfig is driven by a concept ‘to create’. Leftfig Lab’s concept and goal are to create a ‘lab’ like space for new ideas. It exists as a platform for young designers to create and explore. The brand embraces young designer and encourage their growth letting independent young designers to fully express their creativity. Leftfig acts as a backbone for these designers to explore their full potential. The brand focuses on streetwear and uses bright colors to express youthful spirit. The brand’s DNA evolves around specialty Denim in designed wash and cuts along with romantic but cool dresses. The essential also includes unisex t-shirts. Leftfig represents peace and freedom, creating more warmth and less war. Leftfig advocates to embrace differences and freedom to dress as they wish.

Leftfig FW20_250912.jpg
Leftfig FW20_249450.jpg
Leftfig FW20_249835 2.jpg
Leftfig FW20_249350.jpg
Leftfig FW20_249808 2.jpg
Leftfig FW20_251033.jpg
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